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My correspondent did not receive the credit on his phone

Please check first you didn't insert a wrong number.

When you did use the right number, the failure of the top-up could have several reasons:
1. The operator has some technical problems for the moment.
2. Your correspondent has attained his daily or monthly limit; he already received too many top-ups in a row.
3. The number is not/is no longer a prepaid number.
4. The phone is switched off or has no network connectivity.

Possible solutions after you having contacted us:
In case 1, we will execute the top-up as soon as the operator is operational again.
In case 2, we could wait a while before executing the top-up again or you could give us another number.
In case 3, please give us a valid number so we can still execute the top-up.
In case 4, please contact your correspondent.

Do not forget to notify us about this problem before we can carry out the top-up again.

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